What is common between Eggs and Amazon EC2?

source: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/egg-1468992

Eggs get a bad rap due to cholesterol problems, so a few years ago, the poultry industry launched a massive ad campaign claiming that eggs have less cholesterol. Question was less than what?, and their answer was “less cholestrol than previously thought“.

While that debate rages here, AWS at last week’s Invent last week introduced a new t2.nano instance. According to their official blog: “Later this year we will introduce the t2.nano instance… Due to the burstable performance, these instances are going to be a great fit for websites that usually get modest amounts of traffic. During those quiet times, CPU Credits will accumulate, providing a reserve that can be drawn upon when traffic surges.

Question is if this nano will be good enough for any website at all?

To test this, we hosted a simple Word Press blog on the t2.micro instance, supposedly better and faster than the new nano. Then we used Meghafind scouts to test how the performance measures for EC2 Micro change before and after the blog was running.

Results are telling, and just like the cholesterol in eggs, any claims of good enough are relative at best. Here are our findings:

  • A simple website hosted on EC2.micro slows it by 10%, presumably due to WordPress’s related services running, even with no web users. Note that megaApp scores are a representation of the run-time, smaller the better.

  • Adding a couple of users to this website resulted in Megafind scouts resulting in reporting the status as Red, with excessive load on memory and storage

So then would you really want to host your website on AWS’s Nano instance? Only time will tell as these come online and become available for our measurement. Until then, enjoy scouting your existing instances with Meghafind.

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