About Us

We make it super easy for you to find
the best cloud systems & monitor them effectively

Yes, it is a big decision, and some loss of control in moving to a Cloud.

Congratulations for making this call, but you need to right size the servers.

Most users under or over provision their servers:

  • Suffering a slower performance for their applications in the Cloud.
  • Paying too much for their cloud services.

Did you know that there can be 30%+ performance difference for same type of cloud servers?

It could take weeks to benchmark each system configuration to make the best choice for your applications! Once you deploy application in a virtualized environment, they may under perform due to poor hardware, scheduling errors, and noisy neighbors. Other monitoring solutions don’t find reasons for hot spots, or give you solutions.

By deploying Meghafind unique solution you can:

  • Rank cloud systems quickly.
  • Estimate your application performance in the cloud system.
  • Identify hot spots quickly even before they impact your application performance!

Our Team

Our founding team includes IIT graduates, and published authors.

Raman Rajpal

Raman Rajpal

CEO & Co-Founder
Shiv Shankar

Shiv Shankar

CPO & Co-Founder
Prof. Pramod K. Varshney

Prof. Pramod K. Varshney



Linux and Windows measuring and monitoring solutions.

Scout agent based

A small agent is installed in your server that measures and monitors the performance.

Browser based access

Measure, benchmark, rank, and monitor using a simple browser based application.



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